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NHL Betting in Michigan

Michigan is widely expected to be the next state to legalize NHL betting, joining states like New Jersey and Pennsylvania in allowing sportsbooks to offer their services online.

In fact, Michigan nearly legalized sports betting last year when the state Senate approved the bill in a 33-5 vote and the state House passed it in a 71-35 vote. Then-Governor Rick Snyder issued a surprise veto on his way out of office but the bill’s proponents have picked up right where they left off, planning to approve the bill again in hopes that new Governor Gretchen Whitmer will approve the legislation.

That means Michigan sports fans will likely soon be able to wager on their beloved Detroit Red Wings, as long as they are over 21 and located inside the state. For those itching to get a headstart before the inevitable online sportsbook rush, here is a short primer on NHL betting and NHL odds.

detroit red wings betting in michigan

How Do NHL Odds Work?

The NHL differs slightly from the NFL and NBA, where most bets are placed based on a varying point spread. Since NHL games are lower scoring and have smaller margins of victory, the “point spread” or margin that the favorite has to cover is always 1.5 goals, also known as a the “puck line.”

You can bet on games using the puck line, which means that the favorite must win by at least 2 goals in order for your bet to win, or using the moneyline.

The moneyline is the ratio between what you put in and what you can win. So if the Red Wings are a -110 favorite, you would have to bet $110 to win $100 if the Red Wings win outright. If the Red Wings are a +120 underdog, your $100 bet would win you $120. The puckline will have its own moneyline attached, so a Red Wings game against a poor team may require you to bet $270 just to win $100, or vice versa if they are playing a heavy favorite.

Betting on Detroit Red Wings Games?

Most experts believe that Michigan will soon legalize NHL betting, allowing the millions of Red Wings fans in the state to start placing wagers at one of the state’s sanctioned online sportsbooks. Under the proposed bill, sports betting would be legalized within three months of its passage though it may take up to another year for casinos to be approved for the requisite licenses.

Along with betting on whether the Red Wings will win, fans can also wager on the over/under. Each sportsbook sets a projected goal total for each game and bettors can wager whether the final combined goal total will be lower or higher than the projection. The over/under can be used for in-game bets as well, which allow you to wager on virtually any single event. That means you can bet on whether Dylan Larkin will score over or under 2 goals in a single game or whether Jimmy Howard will allow over or under 3 scores.

You can also bet on season-long events, like who will lead the league in scoring over a full season or which team will win the Atlantic Division.