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Detroit Pistons Betting in Michigan

The Detroit Pistons are once again back to playoff relevance under new head coach Dwane Casey and it could not come at a better time as Michigan prepares its second effort to legalize NBA betting.

After constructing a lineup that features Blake Griffin, Andre Drummond, and Reggie Jackson, the Casey-led Pistons improved by leaps and bounds as his first season moved along and appear to be on the cusp of legitimacy in the coming years, both in terms of talent and their coach’s ability to lead a perennial contender.

Derrick Rose Detroit Pistons

There’s growing excitement in Motown and that should only be compounded by the optimism surrounding the effort to legalize sports betting in Michigan. State lawmakers overwhelmingly backed a bill that would have legalized Detroit Pistons betting in 2018 but former Governor Rick Snyder dealt proponents a setback when he vetoed the legislation on his way out of office. The support for the bill is still there after the Supreme Court struck down a nationwide ban on sports betting outside of Nevada and states like New Jersey have already launched online sportsbooks. The bill’s sponsors are optimistic that new Governor Gretchen Whitmer will sign the bill into law, allowing Pistons fans to place a bet right from their phone or computer.

If you are eager to learn about NBA betting ahead of its expected legalization, here is a quick primer on odds and other wagers you can place on the Pistons.

How to Bet on Detroit Pistons Odds?

NBA betting is very similar to NFL betting in that most bets are placed on the point spread. The point spread is the margin of victory the favorite must win by in order to “cover” or win the bet. So if the Pistons are a -4 point favorite, they must win by at least 5 points in order to “cover,” while a 4-point win would be a “push” or draw and anything less would be a loss, even if they win the actual game. This incentivizes betting on the underdog, since a +4 Knicks team would win your bet even if they lose by up to 3 points.

You can also bet on the straight up winner using the moneyline, which determines the ratio between the bet and the payout. So if the Pistons are facing the Knicks, they would be the -125 favorite, meaning you would have to bet $125 to win $100, while New York would be a +125 underdog, meaning a $100 bet nets you $125 if they win.

Detroit Pistons Betting Types

Once you got the hang of the spread and the moneyline, you can start betting on the point total. Each sportsbook sets a projected combined point total, say 230, and you can bet on whether the actual combined final score will be “over” or “under” that number.

Many sportsbooks will allow you to make in-game and futures bets. In-game bets allow you to bet on countless in-game events, like whether Blake Griffin will score over or under 30 points or what the score will be at the half. Futures bets allow you to bet on virtually any season-long event, like which team will win the Central division or which player will lead the NBA in assists.