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NBA Betting in Michigan

Michigan came within one signature away from legalizing NBA betting in 2018 and, despite the setback, the Wolverine State is the odds-on favorite to become the next state to legalize sports betting.

Michigan lawmakers overwhelmingly passed a bill that would allow casinos in the state to set up online sportsbooks but the legislation was vetoed by then-Governor Rick Snyder. With ample support remaining in the state legislature and new Governor Gretchen Whitmer taking office, the state once again appears on the road to legalizing sports betting in the near future.

The bill legislators plan to vote on once again would allow anyone over 21 to wager on any professional or amateur sport at one of the sportsbooks that would be licensed by the state as long as the bettor is within state lines when the bet is placed. For those itching to understand NBA odds before the inevitable betting rush, here is a quick primer to get you started.

NBA betting in michigan

How Do NBA Odds Work?

NBA odds are based on which team is considered the favorite and which team is the underdog. Odds help even the playing field, whether through a point spread which requires a favorite to “cover” a certain margin of victory to win the bet, or through a moneyline, which pays out bigger winnings to underdogs.

The point spread is the margin of victory the favorite has to win by in order for the bet to win. If the Pistons are a -5 favorite, they must win by at least 6 points for your bet to hit. If the Pistons are a +4 underdog, they can lose by up to 3 points and you would still win the bet.

The moneyline is simply the ratio of the payout to your initial wager. So if the Pistons are a -130 favorite, you would need to bet $130 to win $100. If the Pistons are a +120 underdog, you would bet $100 to win $200.

Betting on Detroit Pistons Games?

Once NBA betting is inevitably legalized in Michigan, any adult over 21 that is located in Michigan will be able to place a wager at one of the licensed online sportsbooks that will be run by casinos in the state.

Along with point spread and moneyline bets, most online sportsbooks offer a variety of other bet types. You can bet on the over/under, in which you wager on whether the combined point total in the game will be lower or higher than the total projected by the sportsbook. You can also use over/under and moneyline bets to wager on in-game and futures bets, which allow you to bet on any individual single game or full season event, like whether Blake Griffin will score over or under 30 points against the Bucks or who will win the Central Division.