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MLB Betting in Michigan

Michigan is widely expected to be the next state to legalize online MLB betting after a near-miss last year which means Tigers fans may soon be able to cast a wager on the team right from the comfort of their home from their computer or mobile device.

The Michigan state legislature last year overwhelmingly backed a bill that would allow the state’s existing casinos to launch sportsbooks online after the Supreme Court lifted a decades-long ban on sports betting outside of Nevada. Despite huge support for the bill, outgoing Governor Rick Snyder issued a surprise veto, setting the effort back. With new Governor Gretchen Whitmer taking office earlier this year, lawmakers are once again planning to push through the bill that would allow any adult over 21 who is in the state to bet on any professional or amateur sports event.

Don’t expect to be able to cast a bet for the Tigers during the 2019 season, however. The bill would legalize online betting within three months of passage but the licensing of the new sportsbooks is expected to take up to another year. If you are eager to get an edge on the competition before the bill is (hopefully) finalized, here is a quick primer on MLB odds.

Baseball & Glove

How Do MLB Odds Work?

MLB betting is a bit different from sports like the NFL and NBA, where most bets are placed on the point spread, or a varying margin of victory that the favorite must win by in order to “cover” to win the bet. Because baseball games are lower scoring and have smaller margins, every game is separated by a “run line” of 1.5 runs, which means a favorite must win by at least 2 runs for your bet to win while an underdog can lose by no more than 1 run and still win.

Instead, many bets are placed on the moneyline, which indicates the ratio between the possible payout and your initial stake. The favorite is marked with a minus sign. So if the Tigers are a -130 favorite, you would need to bet $130 to win $100. The underdog is marked with a plus sign. So if Detroit is a +125 underdog, your $100 bet would net you $125 if the Tigers win.

Betting on Detroit Tigers Games

Along with betting on game winners, every online sportsbook lets you bet on the over/under and many sites let you bet on numerous in-game and in-season events.

Over/under betting is popular in all sports and allows you to wager on whether the combined run total in a game will be lower or higher than the total projected by each sportsbook. Both the game odds and the point total odds will usually vary slightly between sportsbooks.

More advanced MLB betting sites let you cast in-game bets on virtually any event, like the outcome of a single at-bat or whether a player will get over or under 3 hits in a game. Some will also let you place season-long bets on countless possible categories, like which team will win the AL Central or whether a certain pitcher will have over or under 250 strikeouts.